Web accessibility made simple, in one line of code

Make any website disabled-friendly with the a11y.co web accessibility tool.

  • Our exclusive dyslexia-friendly mode uses the research verified by the British Dyslexia Association and the W3C for up to 65% easier and faster reading for those with learning disorders.
  • Built-in content extraction finds the main content of your webpage and reads it out for the partially or completely blind. It can also translate your content into the user’s language over-the-air before reading aloud.
  • For reading after sunset, our Sepia mode filters out blue light and has a reddish-brown color combination for users.
  • Our patent-pending technology automaticaly generates alternate text (ALT tags) for images using advanced computer vision & machine learning.
  • Get access to raw data and computed analytics about your users’s disabilities. Find out what modes are being used by users, and which pages require your attention.
  • Make your content available to everyone with built-in translation. Using neural machine translation, users will be able to translate your website’s content to over 100 languages.

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