The fully-automated scheduler for Instagram

Managing multiple Instagram accounts it a tedious job. From the conceptualization of content to turning into a graphic or illustration and then posting it with the correct caption requires sincere efforts on part of a social media manager or business owner. The process becomes even more complicated when multiple Instagram accounts are being managed and the posts have to go out on different timings for all accounts.

To solve this problem, we at Nimblepost have created a fully automated Instagram post scheduler which lets you upload a picture, enter a caption and schedule the Instagram post straight from your desktop. Unlike other apps and tools on the market which send you a notification prior to posting, Nimblepost automates the task completely to ensure that you can attend to more important work. Our fully automated Instagram scheduler ensures that posts go out at the perfect timing while you sit at the beach sipping on pinacoladas. Start today by signing up and connecting you Instagram accounts. Once the accounts are connected, you are ready to schedule Instagram posts. Simply go to the ‘Add Post’ tab and start creating your new post.

You can upload a picture from your desktop which will automatically be resized for the perfect fit. You can write an engaging caption and use emoticons as well from the editor. Once your post is ready, select a date and time when you want the posts to go out and Nimblepost will take care of the rest. Sign up today for the best and easiest to use Instagram post scheduler on the market.

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