Tushar Gupta

Tushar Gupta is a graphic designer, web developer, blogger, and entrepreneur who loves building ideas into scalable businesses and products.

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At Moviejournal, we judge things better, on a platform where we share our personal views about a particular product, place, movie, and more.

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Pingu is a browser extension that compares prices, delivery times, offers and deals across online websites like Amazon & Flipkart and saves you money and time.

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Madanyu, is a popular and innovative consumer retail brand with art and design at its focus. Madanyu’s unique products usher color to otherwise monochrome, mundane life.

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A family business since 40 years, we began online retail sales in 2014, we’ve been growing tremendously while at the same time sticking to our core values and quality assurance.

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DotNetCrunch is a blog and a guide to latest Microsoft technologies aimed at beginners and intermediate level professionals, with regular updates along with helpful tips and tricks.

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