You can buy the most affordable and highest quality graphic hoodies and t-shirts exclusively at Flairlift, an ecommerce fashion startup by Nataco.

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Undercult is an indie music collective, which aims to host a series of charity concerts to raise money for the under-privileged, while giving its artists a platform to perform.

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GeeksHack is a webapp to get a set of printable interview experiences, selectively generated, based on the company and category selected by the user.

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Angad Srivastava

Angad Srivastava is a student of Yale-NUS College in class of 2020, and a designer, digital artist, and experienced photographer available for freelance job opportunities.

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Infinitequarks’s vision is to create a contented marketplace for college merchandise. The connection of the students with their college stuff after their college life is quite special.

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Anirudh Goel

Currently pursuing BTech, Anirudh Goel is a follower of his instinct and passion, and has considerable knowledge in web development, graphic designing, blogging and more.

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Tomato Safety

Have you ever lost your phone somewhere and couldn’t find it because it was on silent mode? Tomato Safety, a free and super-light anti-theft app, can be the solution for this problem.

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Nishant Gadihoke

Nishant Gadihoke is a UX and currently the Chief Technology Officer of Oswald Foundation. He strongly believes in useful design and the inclusion of only the most pertinent elements.

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Crink Jewel

We at Crink Jewel work to win hearts by delivering what we promise. Each of our products is made in Sterling Silver and is studded with Signity/ Swarovski and synthetic colour stones.

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Valmiki is the revolutionary tool for accessible reading that allows people with dyslexic, visual impairment, senior citizens, and everyone in between read on the web with ease.

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Vidul Talwar

A website designer and developer, Vidul has worked with many institutions for their websites. Keeping it simple, he develops light and easy-to-load websites with no useless codes.

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Hike Messenger

Hike is a cross-platform mobile instant messaging service that allows users to create stories, send stickers, and do a lot more. It’s the largest made-in-India app with over 100 million users.

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Snapdeal is one of India’s largest ecommerce companies with 275,000 sellers, over 30 million products and a reach of 6,000 towns and cities across the country.

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Namanyay Goel

Namanyay Goel makes things and solves problems. He is a dropout of the University of Washington, and a freelance front-end UI/UX and web designer and developer.

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Visual QnA

Visual Question Answering (VQA) is one such challenge which requires high-level scene interpretation from images combined with language modelling of relevant Q&A.

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Wallsies is a wallpaper pack with beautiful, high-res wallpapers that look stunning on almost any Android devices out there. They’ve been handpicked and compliment icons on your screen.

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Free Deals Guru

Free Deals Guru is a website that offers free deals and coupons, online recharge, and shopping offers and information for Indian consumers, all in one place. Visit them to save some money!

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TexTIMZ is the one and only online knowledge portal of the Indian textile industry spanning its entire value chain from design to production of yarn, cloth, and clothing.

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Established to eliminate the “one size fits all” ideology, MOC-AC believes that everyone has the right to choice, personalisation and self-expression and builds phone cases.

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Anand Chowdhary

Anand is a designer, engineer, entrepreneur, consultant, and the founder of Made with Love in India and Oswald Foundation, an accessibility technology startup.

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Art4Education is a student-driven, nonprofit initiative to fundraise for the education of underprivileged children. It was conceptualised as a donation aggregator and is now a platform.

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MINET is the official technology club of The Mother’s International that annually organizes X, Delhi-NCR’s largest technology, design, and entrepreneurship symposium.

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Valar Downloadis

All men must download. And now they can, using Valar Downloadis, an all-in-one solution to download songs, playlists, and videos just by searching for it by the name.

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Melangebox is the brand-new fashion destination for the youth. From the trendiest to the classiest, Melangebox offers high-quality clothing at an affordable price.

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Class Rebels

Break classroom barriers with Class Rebels, a platform for learning — from live lessons by the best professors and delivering the best-quality study material for free on the web.

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Cyankart.com is India’s freshest and trendiest online apparel store offering the latest styles in fashion for the young. Use coupon code HELLO10 for a 10% off on your first order.

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Abhigyan Khaund

Plays with physics and code, Abhigyan is an aspiring programmer and has worked as backend developer for a couple of blogs, and develops mini-games as a pass-time.

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