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Founded in April 2013, the Made with Love in India initiative is a movement to celebrate, promote, and build a brand — India.

The initiative is based on the foundation that a small thing, a simple gesture, can brighten up someone's day and remind them that they should be proud of helping local entrepreneurs who contribute largely to the economy.

On this webpage, you'll find a list of brands and products that are created in India and bear the “Made with Love in India” badge. These individuals and organizations promise to deliver the best-quality products to India and contribute to her growth.

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Organizations & Individuals

A cross-platform instant messaging service with over 70 million users sharing messages, stickers, files and more contributing to over 20 billion messages per month. It's by far the most popular Indian app.
India's most popular online store for designer phone cases, accessories, posters, and apparel items, with a focus on customer satisfaction and making great-quality products that are unique and aesthetically pleasing.
Class Rebels is a platform that connects students and teachers in a way that promotes holistic development, so that location, language, finance, or time is not a restriction in your path to reaching academic excellence.
Have you ever lost your phone somewhere and couldn't find it because it was on silent mode? Tomato Safety sends alerts, monitors SIM swaps, and helps locate your device in case you ever lose it, all for free.
An India-based global design consultancy company that helps startups connect with customers as brands rather than businesses using user experience design. They create simple, honest, and beautiful brands.
A simple, free, 24-hour, online Hindustani classical music radio. As the Bandish is the core of the rāga, sans pretence and embellishment, our app cuts to the core of the listening experience. Coming soon.
Protecta is passionate about travel, technology and design, and this makes their living — designing, developing and crafting protective bags, covers, cases, and accessories for today's tech travellers.
A not-for-profit organization set up by a group of teenagers in New Delhi to help sponsor the education and living costs of underprivileged children in villages by using their art and talents to raise funds.
A mobile app that predicts questions of the next CBSE exam paper and lets users practice from over 1,000 past papers. Students can select a difficulty level and solve important questions of that category.
The MIS Information Network is the official computer club of The Mother's International School, which annually organizes X, one of the largest technology events in Delhi–NCR with a focus on entrepreneurship and design.
An online and in-store jewellery and accessories brand that believes in delivering quality and aims to provide its customers with latest trends of jewellery in both Indian and Western designs for formal and informal wear.
A wallpaper pack with beautiful, high-res wallpapers that look stunning on almost any Android devices out there. They’ve been handpicked and hence they compliment app icons on the home screen.
Cyankart's ingress into the health and lifestyle category, is one of the fastest-growing online fitness supplements store, and was built on a foundation of authenticity, quality-control, and great user experience.
The modern business card. There hasn't been a change in business cards since the past fifty years, and this company plans on making them paper-less by building a social app that will work on all platforms and devices.
An Android and web app that lets users download and stream as many song as they like, get recommendations based on their taste, create playlists, and share their favorite music with friends, all for free.
A home improvment service agregator for handyman service like air conditioner and RO installation, home appliances, computer hardware repair, and home repair including electrical, plumbing, and carpentry.
A popular online magazine for entertainment that covers a variety of topics including music, apps, companies, movies, education, and internet memes. It was launched in February 2015 and continues to grow.
A company based in Mumbai, India selling premium fashion jewellery and hair accessories. They have been in this business for over 40 years and have entered the online marketplace in 2014.
Masked is your personal stylist — it helps users browse and purchase the perfect clothing based on your fashion taste and their incredible technology. It's free and available for users on WhatsApp.
A solar energy technology company establishished by college students that aims to provide high quality, intelligent solar equipment and facilities to rural and remote area of India at low prices.
Potato Library is an easy-to-use utility library for Android development. It's available on Github, and consists of intuitive methods for checking internet connection, notifications, and preferences.
FreeDealsGuru is a website that offers free deals, coupons, recharges, and more. It's the perfect place for the consumer who wants to grab the best deals and save money while shopping on the web.
Dipendra Shekhawat's blog with tens of informative posts about ASP.NET, HTML5, SQL, JavaScript, and everything else technology. He is a software developer by profession from Pune, and blogs by interest on technical topics.
Anand Chowdhary is the Founder of Made with in India. He is a design consultant for startups, specializing in simple, honest, and beautiful user experiences, with a focus on usefulness and efficiency.
Namanyay is designer and developer based in New Delhi who makes things and solves problems. He is worked with many major organizations, and has significant open-source contributions on Github.
A problem solver from New Delhi, Nishant works as a user experience developer with startups and individuals, creating efficient ways to solve everyday design problems, and has worked with companies big and small.
Shreyvardhan Sharma is an interaction designer who crafts elegant, minimal experiences. He works with startups, non-profits, and other organizations around the world to solve problems and develop intuitive solutions.
Abhigyan Khaund is an aspiring programmer who has worked as backend developer for couple of blogs and develops mini-games. He works with technologies such as C++, Python, HTML5, and advanced networking.
Oswald is the revolutionary tool for accessible reading. It helps people with dyslexia, other learning disorders, or visual impairment browse the web comfortably. It is also completely free and open-sourced.
PentestBox is an open-source pre-configured portable penetration testing environment that provides all security tools as a software package and let you run them natively on Windows, eliminating the requirement of VMs.
Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) is an intelligent, all-in-one open source mobile application (Android/iOS) automated pen-testing framework capable of performing static and dynamic analysis.
Madanyu is the end of your hunt for a cool phone case with a trendy design. They manufacture polycarbonate cases with sublimation printing in Korean ink. Their designs truly extend your personality.
A website designer and developer, Vidul Talwar has worked with many institutions for their websites. No hard, useless codes. Keeping it simple, he develop light and easy-to-load websites and super-fast apps.
Next Future Sol. Pvt. Ltd. gives participants training on Internet Security and related fields. With over 60 training sessions and workshops and over 100 talks on cyber crime, their motto is to give a security solution to society. is India's leading jobs listing website, covering all jobs verticals. They have partnerships with various private sector companies which will eventually benefit a candidate's job hunt.
A web developer from Raipur, Yash Mittal has had his hands on many different areas of web development from back-end to front-end programming. He loves spending time on fixing little details and optimizing web apps.
The Dot Com Blog is a popular internet blog that covers all major updates from all over the World Wide Web. Here, you'll find posts social media, social platforms, and the ways to make money online.
Impulse is a team of students of The Mother's International School with a common passion, physics. They share ideas and creations, discuss various topics, and organize the annual intra-school event, Infinity.
An Internet of Things-based monitoring system, monitor+ also offers capital and maintenance-free services including analytics, business intelligence, and security for your business premises. lets you easily share files from your Android devices. You don't have to go through the tedious process of creating an account and managing your files, just upload your desired file and get a sharable link.
SbCharjee, Inc. is a web development and design organization that builds great-quality web apps and mostly spends their time in optimizing the quality of a website at an affordable price tag.
MOB-AC.COM is an online retailer of lifestye-oriented smartphone accessories, and makes unique, trendy, and awesome skins and other accessories for all leading smartphones.
A technology company based in India with presence in Europe & Asia-Pacific, their core solutions include hybrid servers, high-performance computing, load balancing, and more. provides a simple and elegant user interface for downloading music from the web, and has a great collection of Punjabi and local music.
Owl Pro is a cloud based Wordpress Security testing platform which lets you manage your websites security easily. All you have to do is connect your website, and you can start testing.
Infinitequarks's vision is to create a contented marketplace for college's merchandise. The connection of the students with their college stuff after their college life is quite special.
Meet Varun, an enthusiast developer, engineer and geek. He loves open source software and technologies, he was involved with LibreOffice in Google Summer of Code '15. He spends most of his time learning and exploring.
Valar Downloadis is a web-app that lets users download free music, videos, and playlists from YouTube with a Game of Thrones-inspired design.

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You see this meticulously made handicraft item which would be the perfect addition to brighten up any living room. You pick it up, admiring the attention to detail when suddenly you spot the ‘Made in India’ label at the bottom, instantly making the product you were admiring seconds ago feel as cheap as dirt.

Why is it that a ‘Made in Italy’ label makes people feel as if the product had been made in heaven itself? Why does it give the product a sense a class regardless of its quality? Now, imagine yourself with the beautifully made handicraft once again. You carefully inspect it in your hands when suddenly, you spot a label on the bottom, stating, “Made with love, in India.”

A warm feeling comes over you and a smile plays on your lips. You reach for your wallet and purchase the product.